Kreschatik Studio
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Kreschatik Studio was established in 2001 year to apply advanced computers technologies in professional TV.

Our creative group offers the professional recording technology and video -editing suite/montage:
  • Films;
  • Ads clips;
  • Presentations;
  • Music clips.

    Kreschatik studio offer a lot of additional services concerned with recording and video-editing such as writing of film script for professional movie or ads clip.

    Our clients: Compaq, IBM, publishing house ITC, Microsoft, ComputerLand, Intel, TV-Gravis, club-shop "e.HOT", "MUK".

    High quality is the result of advanced TV equipment: movie camera KY-D29U, BR-D40E, light setting for camera LPL, folding tripod Vinten, trolley e.t.

    Video editing suit consist of audio-and-video equipment MX12/4 12 Input 4 Bus Mixing Console, BR-D750E D-9 Editing Recording (PAL), studio microphones and modern computers equipment of Compaq, IBM, Hewlett-Packard, and professional soft for video-editing (DPS Velocity and e.t.)

  • Films
    Music clips
    Ads movies