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S.O.S. - Service of Operational reScue
Size of demo movie - 3,30 b.
Duration - 1 min. 45 .
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Creative group:
Director - Oksana Sinelnik
Comedy Serial - "S.O.S - Service of Operational reScue"
First part "Lovers"

When a sailor returned from his long trip he found his wife with a lover. As a result the lover was thrown out of the window. Luckily, he caught a bed sheet and was hanging on it. To his rescue came S.O.S. (Service of Operational reScue). At the moment of the accident, rescuers were in the middle of performing different tasks: the first one was rescuing people from a fire, the second one was capturing mobs, the third rescuer was in the middle of a surgery: When the rescuers finally arrived to the place of the accident, they made the situation even worse by causing complete chaos.

Duration - 30 minutes
Format - digital
Copyright "Kreshchatik Studio"
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